The Issues

My stance on the the issues affecting our district and beyond


I support Public Education, not privatized education. I will stand up for the students and teachers of our state who have been taken for granted by Tallahassee. I’ll stand up to special interests seeking to profit off our children and I’ll fight to fully fund our schools, appropriately reward our hard-working educators and support staff, and ensure that every student in Florida has access to the best education that our nation can offer.

Home Rule

For far too long Tallahassee has been telling our local communities what they can and cannot do and their one size fits all approach isn’t working. Our legislature has been forcing our communities to follow unfunded mandates and undermined their capacity to self-regulate. I will stand up for our local municipalities so that they have the freedom to operate in the way that best works for them.

Standing up to Special Interests

Tallahassee has become a cesspool of corruption. It’s time we shed some sunlight on shady backroom deals and make sure that the people’s representatives are doing the people’s work. It’s time to ensure that our representatives are representing we the people and not themselves. When I’m in Tallahassee, I’ll fight for increased governmental accountability and transparency.

The Environment

It is ridiculous that The Sunshine State isn’t #1 in solar energy! As a former science teacher, I recognize the power for scientific innovation to improve our lives. I’ll promote environmentally responsible investment and development, keep fracking out of Florida, protect our public parks & spaces, and fight to keep Florida beautiful forever.


Our infrastructure, our roads & bridges, is crumbling. It’s time we invest back in our state and create good paying jobs, put Floridians back to work, and improve our transportation network. I’ll fight to help fix I-4, the nation’s deadliest highway, and bring mass transit to our area like it should have been a decade ago.

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